Prep your canvas

Begin your ritual with Nutri-Luxe Cleansing Oil; double cleansing for lipid-loving nourishment and to prepare your skin for gentle exfoliation.

Power Exfoliation

Next, massage in Power Exfoliant Mask, a creamy, synergistic blend of mechanical and chemical exfoliants that ensure skin is deeply exfoliated and left feeling smooth. Watch as this addictive exfoliant softly breaks down excessive skin buildup and lightly sloughs away flaky, dry skin revealing the perfect canvas for maximum product absorption and results starting with the B3 Glow Sheet Mask.

1, 2, B3 Glow!

Remove the serum-soaked mask, unfold it and position eyes, nose, and mouth before molding it to the curves of your face. Find a peaceful place to be fully present and devote this time to paying attention to your body.

Chill Out

Retrieve your Skin Chill Globes from the fridge and begin to slowly glide them in upward lifting motions around the curves of your face, applying gentle pressure to areas holding tension like the jaw and temples and downward in a gliding massage motion for a detoxifying effect.

The cooling sensation of the Skin Chill Globes deliver powerful anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin by constricting blood vessels whilst the gliding, lifting motions of gentle massage stimulate the circulation bringing oxygen back into cells for a complete skin respiration treatment.

Continue this process for 10-15 minutes while you mask, or as long as your skin desires, then remove your mask, massaging in the remaining serum to your skin, bringing any left-over down to your neck.

Lock It In

To complete your luxe skin recovery ritual, apply Quinoa Lift & Hydrate Eye Cream and your chosen Neurocosmedics Hydrator to lock in the moisture your skin has so deeply absorbed and feel your skin in complete recovery for days to come.