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An industry first, NEUROCOSMEDICS is designed to target an emerging science in skin aging known in the professional beauty and dermatology world as neuro-aging and inflammaging. This acknowledged but rarely addressed science is based on the latest research on the skin-brain connection and focuses primarily on the effects of internal and external stress and the profound impact it has on the way skin responds, reacts, and consequentially ages at a much faster rate than we’ve ever understood.

It is widely known and understood that the external environment: UV and pollution, damages the structure and appearance of skin, leading to obvious signs of premature aging visibly presenting as hyper-pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, loss of volume and structure as well as thinning skin that appears inflamed, sensitive and shows dilated capillaries. What is often not understood, however, are the elements that contribute to this breakdown in the skins structure and appearance.

When the skin experiences stress from the environment it sends stress signals to the brain that initiate a protective, inflammatory response in the body. However, an overstimulation of this response forces the skin to work in overdrive and, with more stress than the skins immune system is equipped to deal with, the skin fails to keep up with the level of repair necessary and begins to breakdown at an alarming rate, known now as inflammaging: aging induced by chronic underlying inflammation.

In a modern world, the impacts of stress don’t end there… Add to this the stress the body and mind experience daily – the pressure of expectation, obligation, and the inability to unplug, and it can be said the body is just as overwhelmed by stress as the skin. This overdrive of stress triggers internal responses leading to poor sleep, compromised gut health and an array of mental health conditions, as well as the early onset aging of nerve cells known as neuro-aging.

Neuro-aging occurs when the nerve cells in skin that are responsible for directly communicating with the precious cells that produce collagen and elastin (fibroblasts) begin to send toxic messengers that render the fibroblast inactive.

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In the past we believed inactive fibroblasts laid dormant and required restimulation to begin their important role again however, it is now known that when these cells are inactive, they too actively contribute to the stress felt by the skin.

It is this exact loop of stress and aging that continues to destroy the skin’s structure, health, vitality, hydration, and overall appearance. Thankfully, alongside these new learnings comes innovative and next generation topical ingredients that have been clinically proven to bring the skin into a position of skin recovery, restoring its immunity, and repairing barrier function whilst simultaneously repairing the degeneration of the nerve cells to allow for healthy and precise messages to be sent to the collagen and elastin producing cell (fibroblast).

Formulated with evidence
based ingredients in their
highest functional doses

NEUROCOSMEDICS, formulated with evidence-based ingredients in their highest functional doses, provides each skin with the chance to restore and recover from the damaging effects of neuro-aging and inflammaging caused by external and internal stressors.

This leading approach to stabilising direct nerve–fibroblast communication and skin integrity is housed in its exclusive A.C.D philosophy.

A: The Four A’s focus on: Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Anti-Aging and Anti-Pollutant
C: Prevention of Collagen Breakdown: Collagen & Elastin Synthesis
D: Cell Detoxication and Skin Barrier Repair: Detoxification & Cell Survival. The synthesis of the Vitamin D receptor and reinforcement of the skin barrier without sun exposure.

A nurturing yet luxe cosmedical range

NEUROCOSMEDICS both intervenes and counteracts neuro-aging and inflammaging, which ultimately leads to the degradation of all skin processes that require the A.C.D approach, by harnessing the power of the Key Three Ingredients: NEURODEFENCE Complex ™, Vederine and Pristinizer.


This powerhouse ingredient has been clinically proven, through topical application, to increase healthy communication between nerves and fibroblasts disabling toxic messengers caused by neuro-aging and rebalancing the communication to ensure healthy messengers are being sent to the fibroblast (collagen and elastin producing cell). This allows an active fibroblast to live a longer, more stable life whereby it continues to synthesise collagen for structure and support, elastin for flexibility and strength the skins hydration system (known as hyaluronic acid) to ensure less visible lines and wrinkles, providing an overall smoother texture as well as simultaneously avoiding inflammaging caused by inactive fibroblasts.


Derived from the Chicory Root Extract this impressive ingredient acts similar to Vitamin D and restores the natural function of aging skin cells (Keratinocytes). As skin cells age their ability to regenerate and move upwards in the layers of the epidermis declines, meaning they also lose capacity to naturally sloth away; Vederine improves this natural function allowing for a stronger and healthier epidermis. In addition, Vederine works by activating Vitamin D receptors in the same cells without exposure to the sun, increasing the cells survival which ultimately delaying inflammaging induced by inactive skin cells.


Derived from a fragrant star plant that has a long history of use in traditional medicine for the treatment of conditions associated with inflammation, this dynamic ingredient has been shown to detoxify cells from toxins in the earth’s atmosphere. Through detoxification this potent active increases cell survival whilst simultaneously reducing the activation of inflammatory processes that lead to inflammaging.

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