The Heart Of The Brand


35 years ago, I began my journey to understand skin, the way it works and the best ways to respect it in order to retain skin youth. In this time, I learned a simple but invaluable lesson: look after the skin’s health and ultimately you get to enjoy skin youth.

In 2009, I fused this learning into the heart and soul of my first brand, when I crafted what is now Australia’s leading Cosmedical skin solution – O Cosmedics. Here, in this stage of my life, I never imagined a second brand until, amidst the most significant heartbreak of my life, I learned another lesson.

In 2017, as my dad came to the end of his 12-year dementia journey, I learned how important the support of family and friends was to help me, ultimately help him. In a time where words often failed, people – my people – and their strength, love and support were ever present. From this lesson, GINGER&ME in its first form, was born: a body collection of just five products, in three signature scents each with a message to be Brave, Grateful and Happy.

Made with love, my dream for GINGER&ME is that it helps to elevate skin care from a daily chore to a ritual of self-care and ultimately self-love without compromising on optimum skin health. That it acts as a soul reminder that every GINGER needs a ME: a shoulder to lean on, a heart that cares and that – even in your darkest days – you are always enough.

"My wish for you is that you never doubt yourself, that your approach to life is one where you are mindful, present and free of judgement and that your beauty shines from within. May you always know you are not alone and that you are enough. "

Maria Enna-Cocciolone


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