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1 Set of 2 Globes

GINGER&ME Skin Chill Globes offer the ultimate Cool Factor that make blood vessels contract and then dilate to increase blood flow, circulation, oxygen and tighten pores leaving the skin alive, vibrant, glowing and plump, reducing redness and under eye puffiness whilst increasing product penetration.

GINGER&ME Skin Chill Globes elevate holistic skin and mind health by transforming your skin routine from chore to chill! Allow yourself the time to indulge fully in the cool sensation of genuinely caring for you with a relaxing facial massage that encourages skin and mind healing and renewal for a brighter, more refined, and revitalised complexion.

Enjoy a moment of calm to catch your breath and find your chill before returning to the real world pumped to offer the best of you, knowing you are enough and your skin looks hot, or should we say cool!

How to use

Enhance Chill Factor benefits by beginning each session with placing GINGER&ME Skin Chill Globes in the fridge for 5 – 10 minutes prior to use. Once chilled, massage over the skin in smooth, gentle motions for lifting and firming benefits or for detoxifying through lymphatic drainage. Full instructions and massage guide inside box.


The coolness of each globe causes blood vessels to contract and then dilate, resulting in increased blood flow, circulation, and oxygenation. This process tightens pores and leaves the skin vibrant, glowing, and plump.

Facial Massage:

• Use your Skin Chill Globes for a beautiful facial massage by working in circles or figure eights in upwards motion over the cheeks to the temples
• For tension headache relief rotate the globes over the temples using medium pressure
• For decreasing puffiness around the eyes place your globes over your eyes for 10 seconds and gently move them by rotating them from the eye socket around the orbital bone finishing on the temples with medium pressure



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