Mindfulness Affirmation Cards

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Deck of 25 Cards

The way you speak to yourself has the power to move a moment forward or stop it in its tracks.

Start your day by drawing a card from this deck of 25 beautiful curated affirmations, designed to challenge your mindset, expand your perspective, and encourage you along your journey through life.

How to use

Shuffle your cards and, when it feels right, draw one at random. Trust that the card you have chosen is the perfect one for you in this moment, acknowledge that it in fact chose you.
Reflect on this affirmation throughout the day, keeping it close by so that it may serve as a source of energy helping you make the most of your day.



Positive words of affirmation operate by stimulating the brain's reward system. Recent research indicates that consistent affirming messages can modify neural reactions triggering behaviour changes such as optimism and confidence. Additionally, this process enhances self-processing, making it easier to respond to negative and threatening information with a positive mindset



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