When we think about skin concerns and conditions – fine lines, laxity, uneven tone, dry, itchy, bumpy skin we often relate them to the skin on our face. When we do this, we neglect the skin on our body which, unfortunately, is just as much if not more susceptible to these conditions.

Aside from being the largest organ of the body, our skin has six primary functions: Protection, Heat Regulation, Secretion, Excretion, Sensation and Absorption. That’s a whole lot of work for an organ that’s often exposed to an array of external elements and environment aggressors that, without any care, leave it extremely vulnerable to body skin conditions.

Often overlooked and filed in the “too hard” or “I don’t have time” basket, dry legs, bumpy arms, aging hands and backne are all common skin conditions specific to the body. The good news? Just as it does for your face, a personalised skincare routine can work wonders for the body with the right, simple, easy to follow routine! Restoring and replenishing the natural oils lost in your skin will have you on track to soft smooth skin from head to toe.

Not All Body Care Is Made The Same

The GINGER&ME Body Collection is formulated using body-specific, dedicated actives across all steps you’ll need to personalise a simple yet results-driven routine for soft, smooth, youthful skin. Choose one, two or all of the GINGER&ME steps to actively treat and prevent common body skin concerns.

Step 1 – Exfoliate

Ensuring your routine assists the skin in shifting dry, dead skin cells is crucial in the prepping phase leaving skin silky smooth and ready to treat. The luxurious, decadent G&M Sugar Body Polish, massaged into damp skin before a shower or bath, leaves skin lusciously soft after rinsing thanks to its Kakadu Plum Oil, known for its rich essential fatty acid nature.

Step 2 – Hydrate

Replenishing and protecting skin against natural moisture loss and external aggression like the cold, wind and sun is key to maintaining smooth youthful skin. G&M makes this super easy with two body hydrating options: G&M Body Butter and Bath & Body Oil. Want simple daily hydration? Reach for the Body Butter after a shower or as needed. This lightweight yet rich, creamy butter boasts superior water-binding properties and essential fatty acids with Banksia Oil and Kakadu Plum Oil. Need a simple or added hydration boost? The Bath & Body Oil is your saviour. This multifunctional gem can be applied to damp skin straight out of the shower, added to a warm bath for a silky-smooth soak or mixed in with or applied over your G&M Body Butter for that next level goodness.

Step 3 – Don’t Forget Your Hands

A key area for showing early signs of aging and skin stress, the ‘Hands are the new Face’ with regular washing, sanitizing and sun exposure requiring specific treatment. The G&M Hand Cream boasts a non-greasy formula that contains key pigment busting ingredients to treat and ward off incoming age spots on the back of the hands as well as Vitamin C enriched Kakadu Plum to treat and restore dry, stressed hands.

Food for thought – and for the skin – next time you catch yourself thinking showing your body some extra TLC and self-care is too hard or takes too long! Healthy, soft, smooth and glowing skin on your body is just a few steps away with GINGER&ME Body Collection.