Moisturising is a compulsory step in many skincare routines, yet little effort is spent on picking the right Hydrator for the skin. Finding the right type of Hydrator can be confusing, and many tend to resort to using a general Hydrator that ‘gets the job done’.

However, as an important skincare step, finding the right type for the skin will do more than just adding moisture. Look for a Hydrator that contains key active ingredients that target specific skin concerns. This will ensure you take a multi-functional approach with your hydrator and are getting maximum skincare benefits from your routine!


This collection of four skin specific hydrators is customised to treat skin conditions individually whilst also drenching the skin with NEUROCOSMEDICS exclusive ‘Key Three Ingredients’ that work in synergy to treat and prevent against inflammaging and neuro-aging.


For dry skin concerned with aging

Plump up the collagen! As we age our body’s ability to produce collagen slowly reduces, creating lines, wrinkles and sagging. Enter Regenerative Nourishing Cream: the ultimate anti-aging cream for dry skin. This mega-nourishing emulsion is built on award-winning technology that thickens the epidermis, blurs the appearance of lines and wrinkles and promotes collagen synthesis while re-establishing the neuro-cell communication.


For Dull, Pigmented and Uneven Skin

Hydrated skin is key to a brighter complexion and AAA & Brightening Cream does just that! A daily radiance treatment you’ll want to keep on hand for a no-makeup glow thanks to its triple A benefits: anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-pollutant. This innovative brightening and anti-aging cream evens skin tone, promotes collagen synthesis, offers powerful antioxidant support, anti-pollution protection and calms and soothes the skin.


For Sensitive and Compromised Skin

Specifically created with sensitive and compromised skins in mind, SOS Relief Cream provides irritated, compromised, and reactive skins a chance to rapidly reduce inflammation whilst also repairing a weakened skin immune system; both of which are key contributing factors to sensitivity. This unique blend of key ingredients targets the root cause of underlying inflammation and impaired immune to treat, rather than temporarily mask symptoms.


For Acne Prone Skin

A skin saviour for misbehaving skins, Medi-Control Lotion is formulated with Coleus Oil, a member of the mint family, that has strong antibacterial properties to keep acne-causing bacteria at bay and Granactive Acne to treat it without drying and irritating skin. Formulated with no fragrance for sensitive skins, it works rapidly to reduce breakout inflammation and associated symptoms and discomfort. Goodbye acne!