What's in a name?

Why “Ginger” and “Me”?

Naming our ‘baby’ was difficult, and after literally hundreds of attempts we landed on GINGER and ME – it felt like the name fitted with the personality of the brand. The brand reflects our lives, our values and everything we believe in so there was an instant connection with who we are, our personalities and our new brand’s personality.


A.K.A Nicola Quinn

Born, raised and based in Christchurch, New Zealand, it’s not hard to see where Nicola gets her nickname from. Affectionately known as ‘Ginger’, Nicola has vibrant red hair and a bubbly personality. She is a mother of four, and together with her husband, created one of the largest Beauty & Day Spa’s in New Zealand, as well as QUINN INTERNATIONAL, home of distribution companies Probeauty and Promedical, which specialise in exclusive skin care brands and specialised medical aesthetic devices.


A.K.A Maria Enna-Cocciolone

As an Italian girl living in Sydney, Australia, Maria Enna-Cocciolone really never liked the idea of giving up her maiden name when she got married and so when one of Nicola’s name choices came up as ME, Maria Enna she thought finally a way to keep her maiden name alive (and stay married lol). Maria started her career as an aesthetician, and now owns INSKIN COSMEDICS; medical aesthetics distribution centre and is the founder and owner of Australia’s leading professional skincare brand O Cosmedics. All of this is balanced with the support of her husband and two adult children.


Maria and Nicola met when they launched O Cosmedics in New Zealand together.

Maria and Nicola met when they launched O Cosmedics in New Zealand together. Maria refers to Nicola as her “professional sister”, Nicola calls Maria “her angel”. They share the same personal and professional ethics and goals. They are both mothers, wives, daughters and business owners and can relate to each other’s challenges and struggles to a tee. Interestingly, Ginger&ME started as a skin story, a decadent body range with a promise of skin health, however as the brand developed so did their friendship. Both with a struggle dear to their heart, Nicola’s mum’s journey with cancer and Maria’s dad’s struggle with dementia, they found it was the strength they gave each other that allowed them to be brave and to tackle each new day, no matter how hard it got. The messages of hope and inspiration in Ginger&ME are dedicated to their friendship and ultimately the sisterhood of women empowering women.