Size 10ml

The perfect nourishing, hydrating and volumising lip balm all in one. Infused with essences of Natural Coconut / Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Black Currant, Pear and Vanilla / Lychee and Guava. Each lip balm makes for super kissable, plump lips!

Apply to lips as needed.

MAXILIP – A biomimetic peptide (Pal-GHK) able to stimulate Collagen and Glycosaminoglycan synthesis which leads to smoother, well defined and moisturised lips. 3D Volume, Contour and Hydration.

MURUMURU BUTTER – A precious deep orange Brazilian fruit, found deep in the Amazon. Incredibly rich in EFA’s (Omega 3 and 6) as well as Pro Vitamin A. Commonly used as a natural anti-bacterial, anti- fungal and anti-viral agent which is possible due to the high Lauric Acid content (47%)

CUPUACU BUTTER – Also found in the Amazon, this butter has a soft creamy consistency possessing an impressive hydrating action; being able to absorb 4 times its weight in water.

JOJOBA OIL – The closest natural mimic of the skins sebum, Jojoba oil is a highly coveted ingredient for skin smoothing and protection against the elements.