Size 200ML

Body Peel is the perfect ‘accumulative “exfoliating treatment. Used 1-2 times each week it gently encourages cellular turnover, sloughs o build- up dry and flakey skin leaving the skin more youthful, rejuvenated, silky soft and glowing! It works beautifully all over the body and especially on ingrown hairs, breakouts, congestion on the back, décolletage and back of arms. It also removes residue fake tan and brings knees, elbows and heels back to a baby smooth texture (no fragrance). Use only on areas that require exfoliation.

For best results take a quick shower and dry off . Apply Body Peel to dry skin, lightly massage into the area and leave for 5-10mins. Wash off thoroughly in the shower, towel dry and apply your favourite Ginger&ME Body Oil or Body Butter. Tingling and warmth is normal.

30% LACTIC ACID – Hydrating and deeply exfoliating action combined with a Tyrosinase inhibiting action means that Lactic Acid delivers soft, smooth skin which is bright and clear from excess pigmentation.

6% GLYCOLIC ACID – Deeply exfoliating, glycolic acid has a powerful ability to break down dead skin cells revealing a softer, smoother and more youthful skin.

2% ACER SACCHARUM (SUGAR MAPLE) EXTRACT – AHA – Malic & Tartaric Acid, boosting for skin elasticity (1% Malic, 1% Tartaric Acids).

2% CITRIC ACID – Boosts collagen levels.

HYDROXYETHYL CELLULOSE – Derived from plant ingredients, this amino acid is used as a preservative, thickener/binder in skin care products.

VACCINIUM MYRTILLUS FRUIT EXTRACT (BILBERRY) – AHA – Lactic Acid, as above hydrating and moisturising action.

SACCHARUM OFFICINARUM (SUGAR CANE) EXTRACT – AHA – Glycolic Acid, exfoliating and skin smoothing.

CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS (ORANGE) FRUIT EXTRACT – AHA – Citric Acid, boosts collagen levels.

CITRUS MEDICA LIMONUM (LEMON) FRUIT EXTRACT – AHA – Citric Acid, boosts collagen levels.

CAPRYLYL GLYCOL – Skin conditioning agent with anti-microbial activity.