Size 200ml

A super luxurious and natural body butter to soothe the soul and splurge the skin. A unique and generous blend of rich oils and therapeutic Australian essences gift the skin with super nourishment and hydration, supporting skin healing and skin health. Infused with essences of Natural Coconut / Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Black Currant, Pear and Vanilla / Lychee and Guava.

Use freely throughout the day. Best after a shower or bath; towel off and massage gently into the skin. Be sure not to over rub.

HYDROVITON PLUS – Delivers instant, long lasting moisture to the skin which remains for up to 48 hours.

KAKADU PLUM OIL – World’s richest source of stable, active and water-soluble Vitamin C. Also contains Omega 6 & 9 which provides antioxidant protection, brightening, an anti-inflammatory action and nourishment for skin. Kakadu Plums are wild harvested by the indigenous people of the Kimberleys (Northern Territory) and Arnhem land.

BANKSIA OIL – An Australian native, used widely in traditional skin care preparations due to its rich Omega 9 content which is a known acne preventer as it helps to control sebum levels whilst nourishing and supporting new tissue growth. Omega 6 is also a key component which brightens, softens and provides antioxidant protection from free radicals.

SODIUM HYALURONATE – One of the most potent hydrating ingredients known. Able to bind and hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, it has the powerful ability to draw water into the deeper layers of the skin; increasing cellular communication, active ingredient absorption and speeding up healing.