Mindful Candle Care BRAVE

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Created as a powerful reminder to be Happy, Brave and Grateful, this luxurious Mindfulness Candle Collection is handcrafted, filled locally with a soy-wax blend, features maximum fragrance throw, dual cotton wicks and 80 hours burn time.

  • Brave: Lychee & Guava

Designed to create the perfect candle ritual to ensure longer, cleaner and safer burn time with maximum fragrance throw, the G&M Mindfulness Candle Care Kit is the kindest way for a candle lover to show some love to their candle collection! This easy-to-use maintenance tool kit includes three important and functional tools:

  • Wick Trimmer: A no fuss, no mess way to trim your wick down before each burn to avoid any char or soot falling into the candle wax.
  • Wick Dipper: To gently push the lit wick over into the pooled melted wax to extinguish the flame, recoat the wick for longer candle life and ensure the wick is straight for the next perfect, even burn.

Candle Snuffer: To safely extinguish your candle every time with minimal smoke and no risk of splattering wax or possible burns.

How to use

Candle: Allow the wax to melt across the surface the first time you light the candle to make sure it burns evenly before extinguishing. Never burn for longer than 4 hours. Trim wick to 5mm before each burn. Keep the wax pool free of debris. Avoid storing candles in direct sunlight, harsh lighting, or heat. Never leave a candle burning unattended and keep away from drafts, children, and pets. Never move your candle while it is burning or still hot.

Candle Care Kit: The first burn determines the life and quality of your candle. Make sure that the wick is no longer than 5mm then burn the candle to create a wax pool across the top of the candle. Each time you relight your candle be sure to trim the wick. To extinguish your candle use the Wick Dipper or Candle Snuffer.


Candle: Soy-wax Blend


Experience the sweet, tropical fusion that transports you to a lush paradise, with the refreshing and juicy notes of lychee complemented by the tropical essence of guava. This fragrance captures the essence of exotic fruits, creating a captivating and uplifting olfactory experience.



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